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Win more conveyancing clients by educating them on the process

When a prospective client phones around conveyancing firms asking for quotes it can be very tempting to just give them a price over the phone or on a quick email. However, if your strategy is not to win work because you are the cheapest conveyancing firm in the area, then how you differentiate yourself at that initial point of contact can have a huge impact on the likelihood of converting that lead to an instruction.

Your prospective client’s content journey has a

  • beginning (deciding on which conveyancing firm to instruct)
  • middle (the conveyancing process),
  • and end (exchange and completion)

but do you know just how powerful that beginning is?

Providing educational content has a profound impact on client buying decisions and their trust in a brand. According to research by the company Conductor, consumers are 131% more likely to buy after they are provided with early-stage, educational content. This is because they feel they have been provided with the information they need to make an informed decision and helps build credibility with the supplier.

So how can you provide tailored content to a prospective client, that demonstrates your exceptional client experience and adds value at the outset, without investing too much time or resources?

Veya’s snapshot tool enables you to instantly produce a professional and easy-to-read report on a property which you can send to a prospective client as a PDF. It can be branded to reflect your law firm too. All you need to do is enter the property’s address and the report is produced for you instantly using Veya’s analysis of the Title Register.

We have designed this version of our Title Register report purely for prospective clients to show them the key characteristics of the property (either the one they are selling and/or the one they are purchasing), using coloured graphics and easy-to-understand commentary to clearly explain the content.

You can also view a more in-depth version of the report that has been built for conveyancers, so you can take into consideration any potential complexities, risks or issues when creating your quote.

The cost of the report is only a few pounds and many of our clients offset this as a disbursement once they win the work, as they will use Veya’s report as part of their conveyancing process.

No one wants to win work because they are the cheapest. That is not a sustainable long-term strategy, undervalues the skills that conveyancers provide and can damage both a firm’s reputation and profitability. You should win work on the skills of your professionals and the quality of the service you provide but you need to demonstrate this at the outset, so prospective clients can see how you deliver value and earn your fee.

Veya’s reporting tool provides user friendly insights that can set you apart from competitors, and by showcasing your expertise, added value from the outset.

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