Title Deed Analysis Conveyancing software

Speedy client onboarding and smooth case allocation

Veya’s conveyancing software offers instant analysis on Land Registry Title Deeds gives conveyancing firms the tools to save time, increase accuracy, and improve compliance. 

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The software for conveyancers that plugs into Land Registry

Triage cases and allocate them to the right team members

Case allocation made simple

Allocate cases to the right team members with ease by using our unique Veya Report to get a quick understanding of a property. 

Estimate accurate client quotations

Estimate accurate client quotations

Use our innovative complexity score of each property to make far more accurate fee quotations. 

Get the ball rolling with unique insights

Get the ball rolling with unique insights

Our unique insights and property dashboard can help get the ball rolling.

Access Land Registry documents via our user-friendly portal

Access Land Registry documents

Execute Land Registry Searches easily and purchase the title register, title plan and OC2 documents with ease. 

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Easily confirm ownership and prevent fraud

Easily confirm ownership 

Initiate fast and secure ID verification to confirm your clients are the registered proprietors highlighted within the report. 

Conveyancer training tool

Our detailed title deed analysis conveyancing software can be used as handy checklist to guide paralegals and junior team members. 

What's included in the Veya Report?


Property Complexity Score

Veya’s complexity score gives a rating between 1-100 to give you an idea of the level of complexity and risk you’re dealing with. The score is calculated by an algorithm that analyses the Title Register. It considers the property vitals as well as hundreds of scenarios that could impact the property in question. 

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Property Vitals

Property vitals including tenure, title class and first registration date can be viewed in the Veya Report dashboard. Plus, further information around any charges and restrictions identified can be read in detail. 

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Proprietorship details

The legal owners named on the Title Register are displayed on the dashboard. Any issues are flagged for your attention, such as multiple vendors with different surnames or addresses. If you wish, you can initiate secure, digital ID&V checks against the individuals listed to check off your customer due diligence requirements. 

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Title insights and solutions

A detailed analysis is provided, highlighting any title information to take note of. Where possible, solutions are suggested against issues raised in the title. 

Land Registry Title insights conveyancing software

Land Registry OC1 and OC2 documents

The Land Registry Title Register is included with the Veya Report, and the Title Plan can be added on if required. Further research is just a click away with the related OC2 documents listed and available to purchase. All the documents can be downloaded as PDF files, including a downloadable version of the Veya Report, all within our user-friendly software for conveyancers.

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What our customers say…

“Having such helpful information earlier in the onboarding process allows us to manage our customer’s expectations and team workload, leading to smoother transactions and filling all parties with confidence.”

Natalie Moore


“Using Veya has reduced the average time it takes us to sell a property from 14 weeks to 9 weeks.”

Emily Bancroft

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Conveyancing Software FAQs

What’s included with Veya?

With Veya you get access to our user-friendly platform where you can access our unique title insights and Land Registry documents. You will be able to generate new Veya Reports against new cases and review your archive of reports whenever you need them. Getting started is simple. Our onboarding is free of charge and takes about one hour to complete. We are always on hand if you have any questions or require additional customer support. With Veya you only pay for the reports you generate. We offer simple payment options with monthly billing and itemised invoicing. With our flexible terms you don’t need to worry about being tied down. Veya is accessible via a web-based application. If you have more bespoke requirements, you can tap into Veya via API.

What is conveyancing software?

When it comes to conveyancing software, there are a few different types that conveyancers can use to help manage their cases. One type is case management systems, which are designed to help keep track of all the different aspects of a case, from client information to case notes and documents. Another type of software is conveyancing legal software, which is specifically designed for managing the legal aspects of a case, such as searches and contracts. Veya’s title deed tool for conveyancers is completely new and innovative software designed to help streamline the conveyancing process. Veya is particularly useful during the client onboarding process, helping with case allocation, accurate fee quotation and accessing Land Registry documents. All of the types of software can be very helpful in managing a conveyancing case, and choosing the right type of software will depend on the specific needs of the conveyancer.

What are the benefits of conveyancing software?

Conveyancing software helps solicitors and conveyancers to manage the legal process of transferring property ownership from one person to another. There are many benefits of using conveyancing software. A key aspect is that it helps to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken in order to complete the conveyancing process correctly. In relation to Veya’s software for conveyancers, the unique data analysis provided on Land Registry Title Deeds can help conveyancing firms to efficiently triage cases to the appropriate team members. It can also help conveyancers make accurate client fee quotations and be used as a checklist for conveyancers to begin processing cases. This can save a lot of time and money, as well as preventing potential problems further down the line. In addition, software can help to speed up the conveyancing process, as it automates many of the tasks that would otherwise need to be carried out manually. Conveyancing software has several advantages for those involved in property transactions. The software makes the process easier to manage and helps to protect against potential mistakes. As a result, it is likely that an increasing number of solicitors and conveyancers will start to use a variety of conveyancing software within their firms.

How much does Veya’s Conveyancing Software cost?

Each Veya Report is charged at a flat rate on a pay as you go basis which includes the official Land Registry Title Register. We also have an option to add on the Title Plan and you can purchase related OC2 documents on the platform too. We offer volume discounts for our bespoke conveyancing software packages for medium and large conveyancing firms and can integrate into your system seamlessly via our API. Get in touch with us or book a demo to receive a quote. We offer various levels of AML checks starting from a basic ID check, up to an HMLR grade check. Our integrated AML is optional, so you do not need to worry if you have an existing provider that you want to stick with. It does not affect your usage of the platform at all.