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House and Home Bespoke is a boutique estate agency based in Leicestershire that focuses on unique properties with character, such as chocolate-box cottages, homes with land and equestrian space and bespoke architect-designed homes. The agency was founded by experienced estate agent Beth Pollard, who felt that there was a niche that could be filled in the market by offering something different with a truly customer led and out of this world marketing experience. House and Home Bespoke go the extra mile with their unique marketing offer to sellers. It includes gorgeous lifestyle photography, home staging, bespoke boards and video tours.  

Beth Pollard, owner at House and Home Bespoke


House and Home Bespoke focus on building customer relationships by going the extra mile and were seeking the tools that could help them achieve that. They wanted to set themselves apart from competitors by having as much knowledge of any given property as possible, which they could use to impress potential vendors at valuations. They also wanted more insight into the complexity of each property so that they could provide a detailed estimate of the time they would take to sell. They wanted something easy to use with great customer service, that would be simple to implement into their business processes. 


House and Home Bespoke started using Agent Veya. The Veya Report gave them insight far beyond the typical valuation report that they could use to discuss with potential vendors on valuations, truly positioning them as an expert in their field.  


The results have been impressive! Veya has helped them to win more instructions by providing them with detailed information about each property that they use to advise and consult with potential vendors at every valuation. Veya has become an established part of House and Home’s valuation process, taking the Veya Report to every single valuation. 

“I love the simplicity of Veya. Without spending ages pouring through land registry docs I can quickly see any issues on a property and make a good estimate about how long it might take to sell.”  

Beth Pollard
Headshot of Beth Pollard estate agent
house lit up at night, estate agent photography by House and Home Bespoke

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